Thermomicroscopes Explorer including Scan Head with Dry and Liquid Tripod Type Scanners and Small Range, High Resolution Tube Scanner. Attached to the AFM is a 6 Degrees Freedom Phantom Nanomanipulator Active Force Feedback Tip Control by 3rd Tech.

Atomic Force Microscopy can effectively provide topographic information down to the Angstrom level. While the SEM provides superior depth of field due to its use of an electron beam in a vacuum, the AFM can provide a three-dimensional map of the surface using a sharpened physical probe which is raster scanned across the surface. The position of the probe and the feedback signal are recorded and used to produce the image.

One of the most unique aspects of Marshall's AFM is its attachment to a nano-manipulator. When used in combination with a nanomanipulator, the AFM allows the user to not only see an image of the object on the screen, but to feel the sample's exact contours and permutations. In addition to work with the nano-manipulator, the AFM has other properties that it can elicit from the sample of interest through the use of specialty probes. Properties such as thermal and electrical conductivity, magnetic and electric field strength, and sample compliance can be obtained.

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These tools and others are utilized to aid in caharcterizing and understanding nanomachines, molecular systems and cell biology through research. To discuss use of the system and/or other imaging systems of interest, please contact Dr. Michael L. Norton or refer to the Contact page for further information.

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