Dr. Mike CunninghamDr. Cunningham served in West Virginia’s public schools for 23 year as a teacher and school administrator. He was the recipient of the West Virginia Secondary Principal of the Year award in 1995 and the West Virginia Middle School Service Award in 1998. He also served two terms as President of the West Virginia Secondary Principals Association. Dr. Cunningham joined the faculty at Marshall in 1996 and has twice been named the Graduate Advisor of the Year. In addition to his teaching and administrative duties at Marshall, he serves as an evaluator for a number of public and non-profit programs. He frequently publishes in national and international journals, and serves in an advisory capacity for several educational organizations. He completed his Ed.D. in Education Administration in 1996 from West Virginia University, his MA in Education Leadership in 1976 from the West Virginia Graduate College, and his BS degree from West Virginia University.


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