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Auditoria Rental Regulations

The scheduling party will take the facility in the condition in which he/she finds it, and in the event it is necessary to remove or relocate any equipment or fixtures, such changes will be at the scheduling party's expense.  The scheduling party will replace all equipment and fixtures in the original location and condition in which they were found.  No changes or alterations will be made without prior written approval of the Auditoria Manager.

Neither Marshall University nor the Marshall University Board of Governors shall be responsible for any loss or damage to machinery, equipment, paraphernalia, costumes, clothing, scenery, trunks, exhibit materials, musical instruments or any other property of the scheduling party, caused by theft, fire, riot, strikes, acts of God or any other cause whatsoever nature or kind.

Marshall University and the Marshall University Board of Governors are absolved from any and all liability and expense arising out of use of any composition, work or material covered by contract.  Execution of a Rental/Lease Agreement does not constitute any partnership agreement with Marshall University.

No engine, motor, or other machinery shall be erected on the premises without prior written approval of the Manager of Facilities Scheduling and the Auditoria Manager.  Use of gas, flammable substances and charcoal is forbidden.

No signs, material or equipment may be attached to any facility in a manner damaging to the facility.

The number of participants and spectators at an event will not be permitted to exceed the established capacities.  System of entry, seating method, and production staging shall be at the discretion of the Manager of Facilities Scheduling and the Auditoria Manager.

The scheduling party will furnish in writing any information requested by the Facilities Scheduling Office to determine facility and arrangements, or special services or equipment necessary for proper management of the scheduled event.

Programs lasting one and one-half (1-1/2) hours or more require an intermission of not less than ten (10) minutes unless prior written approval is obtained from the Auditoria Manager.

Facilities will be open to the public no more than one-half (1/2) hour prior to the event.

Publicity and advertisements for events charging admission must state total admission prices, including applicable tax, if any.

Technicians providing services for Auditoria events shall be paid in full at the conclusion of the scheduled event.  All other charges will be invoiced immediately following the event.

All contractual agreements and proof of insurance must be filed with the Manager of Facilities Scheduling ten (10) days prior to a scheduled event.  Alterations in the agreement after this deadline must be approved by the Manager of Facilities Scheduling.

Technical arrangements for Fine Arts Department events should be made directly with the Auditoria Manager. Arrangements for off-campus, student sponsored events and other campus events should be made with the Facilities Scheduling Office.  The Facilities Scheduling Office is responsible for coordinating the schedule for all events with the Fine Arts Department.

If you have questions regarding the regulations listed above, please contact the
Facilities Scheduling Office at 304-696-3125

University Policy Prohibits Smoking In Any Building.

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