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Memorial Student Center Guidelines for Table Usage

Student organizations conducting a fund raiser must complete and have approved a Petition for Fund Raising Activity in the Office of Student Activities (MSC Room 2W31) at least 48 hours prior to the event.  A copy of the approved petition must accompany the table application and be turned in to the Facilities Scheduling Office (MSC 2W17) before a table is scheduled.

A member of the campus organization renting the table must be present at all times.

Five (5) tables may be set up at one time for soliciting in the lobby.  Three (3) of the five may be reserved for outside vendors.  Two tables must be reserved at all times for students and/or student organizations. Tables are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There is no time limit each day, but one group cannot reserve a table for more than three consecutive days.

Organizations and vendors may not set up additional tables, chairs, or other areas of display without written approval on the table application.

Non-University organizations/groups must sign in at the Facilities Scheduling Office (2W17) prior to the use of the table(s).  Non-university groups must pay for their table at this time.  Non-recognized organizations and non-university groups will be charged $150.00 PER DAY PER TABLE AND/OR $150.00 PER DAY PER 3' x 6' (OR PORTION THEREOF) FLOOR SPACE FOR DISPLAY TO BE PAID IN ADVANCE.

Organization representatives and vendors are to remain at sales tables and are not to engage in verbal or physical solicitation of customers.

No signage, fixtures, etc. in the lobby may be disturbed by organizations or vendors.

No electronic sound amplification will be permitted in the table area.

Vendors obtaining advance reservations must cancel at least 48 hours in advance with the Facilities Scheduling Office (304-696-3125).

Organizations and vendors may be asked to dispense with sales or solicitations at any time for misrepresentation or infractions of table guidelines.

Marshall University and the Memorial Student Center are not responsible for defective merchandise or any returns that may be sought by the customer.

When setting up tables, firmly lock the table legs in place.  If you need assistance, contact the Facilities Scheduling Office.  If tables are taken outside to the plaza, they must be returned to the lobby after the event.

Effective October 12, 1994, Marshall University will no longer provide tables in the lobby or plaza areas of the Memorial Student Center for the solicitation of credit card applications.

Do you need additional information?  Call (304)696-3125 for facilities info.

University Policy Prohibits Smoking In Any Building.

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