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Marshall University Board of Governors

Policy No. 8

Alcoholic Beverages On The Campuses


1.1.  Scope. -- This rule establishes guidelines relating to the possession of use of alcoholic beverages on the campuses.

1.2.  Statutory References. -- W. Va. Code 18B-1-6

1.3.  Passage Date:  November 13, 2002

1.4.  Effective Date:  Upon passage

1.5.  Background:  Replaces Board of Trustees Series No. 42 which was transferred by the
             Higher Education Policy Commission to the institutional board of governors.



It is not the purpose of this rule to promote of condone the possession or use of beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages  on or  in the University property or facilities but to regulate such possession or use within strict guidelines.



The possession or use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on or in property or facilities (including student housing). of the University except as hereafter provided:







In dwellings located thereon and occupied as a family residence; and

Where the serving of wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages is  approved by the University president or his/her designee, on a case by case basis consistent with the following rules:

Wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages will never be the primary reason for the gathering.

The preponderance of those attending must be of legal drinking age.

No person under the legal drinking age will be served.

Alternative nonalcoholic beverages and food will be served.


No person under the age of eighteen (18) will be allowed to serve wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages, and servers must be appropriately trained to adhere to all laws and regulations regarding the serving of wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages.



The selling of beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages to the general public during athletic events shall be prohibited.

Request Form for Alcohol at a Catered Event

Regulations for Use of Marshall University Facilities

(other than the MSC Recreation Area)

The number of participants and spectators at an event will not be permitted to exceed established capacities.

The scheduling party will take the facility in the condition they find it, and in the event it is necessary to remove or relocate any equipment or fixtures, such changes will be at the scheduling party's expense.  The scheduling party will replace all equipment and fixtures in their original location and condition in which they were found.  No changes or alterations will be made without prior written approval of the manager of the Facilities Scheduling Office.

No engine, motor, or other machinery shall be erected on the premises without prior written approval of the manager of the Facilities Scheduling Office.  Use of gas, flammable substances and charcoal is forbidden.

No signs, materials or equipment may be attached to any facility in a manner damaging the facility.

Publicity and advertisements for events charging admission must state total admission price, including applicable tax if any.

The scheduling party will furnish in writing any information requested by the manager of the Facilities Scheduling Office to determine facilities, arrangements, and special services or equipment necessary for proper management of the scheduled event.

Concession privileges are reserved by the Department of Athletics.

Neither Marshall University nor the Marshall University Board of Governors shall be responsible for any loss or damage to property of the scheduling party.  Any equipment or effects of the scheduling party remaining on the premises for more than seven (7) days after the event will be considered abandoned property and may be disposed of by the manager of the Facilities Scheduling Office unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.

Campus organizations are expected to use University property responsibly.  Officers and advisor of the sponsoring organization are responsible for enforcement of all rules and regulations of Marshall University and the Marshall University Board of Governors as outlined in the Marshall University Student Handbook and/or the Greenbook.

An inspection of the premises by Public Safety personnel prior to and immediately following an event may be requested.  Officers and advisors of the sponsoring organization are encouraged to request this inspection and accompany Public Safety personnel.

If you have questions or would like further information regarding policies and/or regulations,
 contact the Facilities Scheduling Office at 304-696-3125.

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