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MSC Recreation Area

Cost:  $50.00 per hour with a two hour minimum
Capacity:  200

The recreation area is available to organizations on an hourly rental basis with a two hour minimum reservation.  Rentals are limited to days and hours when the area is not engaged in normal operations and are subject availibility of staffing and to the approval of the area's manager.  The following policies and procedures apply to rental based functions in the recreation area, and are in addition to the general facility use policies set by the Office of Facilities Scheduling.

Recreation Area Rental Event Policies

A completed application for use form must be filed with the Office of Facilities Scheduling a minimum of two business days prior to the scheduled rental.  Cancellation of an event or changes to the event start time or length must likewise be made a minimum of two business days prior to the event through the Office of Facilities Scheduling.

Access to the area to decorate and/or setup prior to the actual event time will be permitted only if approved in advance and if such decorations and/or setup will not interfere with the normal operations of the area or with other groups which may have an event scheduled for earlier or later on the same date.

Admittance to the building/area during after hours functions will be permitted until one (1) hour after the function commences.  At such time the building will be locked-down and no further admittance will be allowed.  After hours functions in the recreation area are considered lock-ins, attendees who leave an event will not be readmitted.

If the organization is comprised of or will include minors, proper chaperonage is required.  If the event is a high school after prom, please discuss chaperonage with the area's supervisor in advance of the event.

Rental function attendees are restricted to the basement level of the Student Center.

Attendees are not permitted to place food or drinks on the pool tables.

The University's no-smoking policy is in effect at all times, including rental events.

The attendees organization will be held strictly liable for damage(s) to university property which results from abuse or negligence on the part of an attendee(s).

After hours parties in the MSC Recreation Area are intended to be fun for everyone involved.  If there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, or if you will have special needs or requests, please feel free to make such requests prior to your visit.  Direct your request or inquiry to the Facilities Scheduling Office at 304-696-3125, or via e-mail to Linda Bowen.

Do you need additional information?  Call (304)696-3125 for facilities info.

University Policy Prohibits Smoking In Any Building.

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