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Policy Regarding The Use of Sound Amplification Equipment
excerpt from Marshall University Policy Manual

The use of sound amplification equipment on University grounds is prohibited without prior approval of the Director of Public Safety except for events presented by official administrative or academic areas of the University (for example, Department of Athletics).  Particular concern is the possible distraction to or disruption of classroom activities in the central campus.

Sound amplification equipment is interpreted to mean any device used to direct and/or amplify the human voice or other sounds beyond the levels of normal speech or sound levels typical to an average classroom

Music Amplification
The amplification of music is particularly penetrating; thus, such amplification is prohibited except as approved within the strictest guidelines.  Events using music will usually be restricted to weekends (in the summer terms consideration will be given to late afternoon and evening events.  The sponsoring of such events is usually limited to Student Activities Programming Board and cultural events, Student government, and official program areas of Marshall University.  It is recommended that, whenever possible, such events be located on the perimeter of the campus.

The use of sound amplification equipment for speakers is usually limited to the court area on the campus side of the Memorial Student Center.

Time:  Scheduled so as not to interfere with classroom activities (preferably after 4:00pm, sometimes 12:00pm - 1:00pm).
Place:  Located to best comply with other guidelines.
Control:  Adequate control to ensure the prevention of personal injury and Violations of the Code of Conduct.
Sponsorship:  Must be sponsored by an official administrative or program area of the University.

Revised 1995


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University Policy Prohibits Smoking In Any Building.

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