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The Dual Career Initiative includes the following components:

  Dual Career Services: Contact with Dual Career Services can be made through the department chair of the hiring department.The Chair will will the initial contact with Denise Hogsett, Director of Career Services.At this time, the department chair should indicate the status of his/her search.Once this initial contact is made, an appointment for consultation will be arranged.Consultations can be made in person or by phone, depending on the location of the partner/spouse.  
  MU-ADVANCE Partnership with MU Career Services was developed to provide personalized employment assistance to spouses and partners of new Marshall University faculty. MU-ADVANCE Co-PI, Dr. Elizabeth Murray; partnered with Dr. Frances Hensley, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Denise Hogsett, Career Services Director to develop this program.

Denise Hogsett, Director of Career Services
Denise Hogsett will facilitate the services provided by the Dual Career Services Program.  Ms. Hogsett has an M.S. in Communication Disorders and an Executive M.B.A., both from Marshall University.  She has experience working in human resources, management, and marketing and is dedicated to improving the recruitment efforts at MU.


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