Spring 2008

Grant Chat 6: Development of year-long grant preparation calendars (4/25/2008)

Meeting summary: Preparing for a major grant takes considerable time and planning depending upon where you are in the process. This chat presented materials to help plan a timeline depending on the needs of the proposal. Resources include example timelines, links to find opportunities, links to find currently supported projects, MURC contacts and tips.

Grant Chat 5: Preparing Effective Tables (3/21/2008)

Meeting summary: This Grant Chat focused on effective tables within a grant proposal. Examples from successfully funded proposals were discussed. Participants contributed ideas, suggestions, and experiences of the participants.
Meeting report

Grant Chat 4: CV Workshop (2/26/2008)

Meeting summary: Hands-on workshop to work on 2-page biographical sketch (NSF/NIH format) or 1-page resume for WV Space Grant Consortium proposals.We also discussed ways to improve an existing CV or convert a resume to an academic CV.

Grant Chat 3: Integration of teaching and research and K-12 outreach components to grants (2/18/2008)

Meeting summary: Dr. Tina Cartwright presented information about the Marshall Upward Bound Program, a program that targets 9-12th graders, that are low-income, first generation students and her currently NSF-Funded project, the Communities Educating Tomorrow's Scientists (COMETS). Dr. Elaine Baker presented general information on how to strengthen your integration of teaching and research proposals. She also presented several resources to help develop these ideas.
Complete meeting report

Grant Chat 2: Small Grant Opportunities and Preparation (1/11/2008)

Meeting summary: A total of 26 people attended representing 9 departments and 5 colleges. Handouts summarizing the upcoming grants from NASA, the Elsa U. Pardee Foundation, Drew University/NIH Partnership, WV-EPSCoR Grants and the WV Department of Natural Resources were distributed.
omplete meeting report

Grant Chat 1: RUI and Broader Impact Statements (12/13/2007)

Meeting Summary: The kickoff "Grant Chat" was a success. A total of 32 people attended, with 9 female faculty and 2 female students, representing 10 departments and 3 colleges. This chat focused on RUI and broadening impact statements. Thecomplete meeting report which includes a list of discussion statements and questionnaire results is linked as a .pdf file.



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