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MU-ADVANCE understood that to be a successful researcher, a person needed to know how to write grant proposals and administer the grant once it was received. MU-ADVANCE also understood that the grant-writing process is a bit esoteric and, therefore, guidance is often appreciated. With that in mind, MU-ADVANCE, along with the Marshall University Research Corporation and the Cell Differentiation and Development Center, hosted a series of Grant Chats to introduce grant-writing winning strategies. Below is a list of the Grant Chats offered, along with their associated materials.

Grant Chats - Fall 2008/Spring 2009
Community of Science Training (COS) will be offered by MURC on Monday, March 30, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Learn at the privacy of your office, or come join us at 349 Drinko Library, where MURC staff will be on hand to answer questions. With more than 25,000 funding opportunities for travel, equipment, and training, etc. the COS is an important tool for research-oriented faculty. More information...

The February Grant Chat: WV Space Grant Consortium and EPSCoR Proposal Preparation will be held on Feb. 20 at 3:00 p.m. in Drinko Library 138. This hands-on workshop will be held in a computer lab to offer assistance for faculty writing WV Space Grant Consortium (WVSGC), NASA-EPSCoR, or WV-EPSCoR grant proposals due in March 2009 (featured in the January Grant Chat). Faculty should bring a draft of their proposal and proposal budget.

The January Grant Chat: Small Grant Opportunities, held on Friday, January 23, at 2:00 in BBSC 102, focused on support provided by the West Virginia Space Grant Consortium and the WV-EPSCoR Office. Both offer support for student scholarships, travel, outreach, seed money, research, and collaborative projects. More information...

The October Grant Chat: Student Funding Opportunities: Finding Ways To Retain Graduate Students was held on Oct 24, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. in Drinko Library 349. This event was a brainstorming session to discuss funding opportunities and resources for students. Co-sponsored by the Graduate College and MURC, this chat featured a brief tutorial on how to use the Community of Science (CoS) Workbench to identify sources of student funding. More information...

Community of Science (CoS) Workbench Tutorial: Faculty, post-docs, and students interested in a hands-on workshop to help configure a workbench to enhance their ability to identify funding opportunities using the CoS Workbench, should contact the MU-ADVANCE office (

The first grant chat of the academic year, Grant Chat 7, was held on September 26.

Meeting summary: MU-ADVANCE housed information for fall deadlines for funding opportunities at Marshall, within the state, and nationally during its duration. Future topics of interest were discussed and included:

  • Identifying grant opportunities.
  • Outlining and organizing your grant proposal.
  • Drafting the budget.

MURC will alert faculty of a grant-writing workshop they are developing to help students prepare proposals.

Grant Chat Archives contain meeting summaries and handouts for the following: