Grant Chat 1
RUI and Broader Impact Statements (12/13/2007)


Meeting Summary:
The kickoff "Grant Chat" was a success. A total of 32 people attended, with 9 female faculty and 2 female students, representing 10 departments and 3 colleges. This chat focused on RUI and broader impact statements. The complete meeting report which includes a list of discussion statements and questionnaire results is linked as a .pdf file.


Available upon request from
RUI Impact Statements:

  • Michael Castellani Chemistry
  • Simon Collier (CoPIs: Harrison, Sarra and Saveliev) - biology and mathematics
  • Scott Sarra - Mathematics
  • Broader Impact Statements
  • Harrison - cross-cutting program (MU-ADVANCE)

Available upon request from the PI:

Education and diversity programs at Marshall:

    Contact: Marcia Harrison, Biological Sciences
    (Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation)
    Contact: David Cartwright, Integrated Science and Technology
    (COMmunities Educating Tomorrow's Scientists)
    Contact: Tina Cartwright, Education
  • Center for the Advancement of teaching and Learning
    (CATL) can help with innovative teaching methods to integrate teaching and research
  • MU TRIO programs
    Federally-funded initiatives to help support low-income and first generation college students



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