MU-ADVANCE Enhanced Recruitment Plan for Departments


MU-ADVANCE provided recruitment resources to both hiring officials and job candidates to help improve the process at Marshall. These include the Search Committee Strategies and Guidelines brochure; the Faculty Diversity at Marshall brochure; a university-wide subscription to; the Candidates Resources page, which includes information on working at Marshall, recreational activities in the area, childcare and school information for dependents, etc.; and candidate packets for on-campus interviewees.


In addition, MU-ADVANCE provided travel funds to hiring departments to attend national conferences to promote open positions and make connections with possible candidates. Travel support was also provided to hiring departments for female candidates to participate in on-campus interviews.


Understanding that candidates may be hesitant to ask certain questions during the campus interview, MU-ADVANCE met with candidates to chat about the area, Marshall's family-friendly policies, and any other topic they wished to discuss. This provided a non-threatening, safe space for interviewees. MU-ADVANCE also encouraged the development of a interviewee-tailored interview schedule. In other words, we stressed to hiring officials the importance of finding out, in advance of the campus visit, individual needs or interests that could be incorporated in the interview, such as a visit to Multicultural Affairs, area religious institutions, and so on.


MU-ADVANCE employed an external evaluator who helped develop an Offer Survey to allow new hires to evaluate the recruitment process. This provided insight to the Program on areas that needed attention and areas that were working. New hires were able to rank their areas of importance, such as "Impression of the Department" or "Opportunities for Research." Data from the survey has been used to make necessary changes to the recruitment process at Marshall.