Open Faculty Positions Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Social Sciences


MU-ADVANCE developed the STEM Jobs Site at Marshall to centralize all open positions within our four college-affiliates: the Colleges of Science, Information Technology and Engineering, Liberal Arts (Departments of Criminal Justice, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology & Anthropology), and the Basic Science Departments in the School of Medicine (Anatomy; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Pharmacology, Physiology, and Toxicology). The centralization not only helped job seekers locate Marshall job advertisements, but also made it easier for the spouses/partners of potential STEM hires to search for other open positions at the institution. In addition, MU-ADVANCE purchased a university-wide subscription to Each position posted to linked to Marshall's STEM departments and provided resources for spouses/partners, such as job opportunities within 50 miles from Huntington. During MU-ADVANCE’s duration, two dual-career couples were hired. Although we cannot be sure that the MU-ADAVNCE-sponsored resources helped facilitate these hires, we believe they made the job process easier for job seekers. Data from the MU-ADVANCE created and administered Offer Survey, a survey that allowed new hires to evaluate the recruitment process, suggests that did benefit new hires. The survey asked participants where job advertisements were found. Consistently a significant portion of new hires indicated was their source of Marshall job information!


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