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MU-ADVANCE Path Forward Committee Faculty Travel Awards


The MU-ADVANCE Path Forward Committee now offers Faculty Travel Grants for female faculty in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines seeking to enhance networking (e.g., travel to national meetings), grant proposal submissions, interdisciplinary research efforts, or manuscript preparation. For non-tenured faculty, these activities are expected to tangibly enhance faculty careers. The deadline is Oct. 25, 2013 for travel before July 31, 2014. More information....


MU-ADVANCE Path Forward Committee


The MU-ADVANCE Path Forward Committee goal is to help sustain MU-ADVANCE initiatives in recruitment, faculty development, policy review, and university evaluation, with special attention to recruitment of new faculty and retention of female STEM faculty. The following faculty currently serve on the committee: Elizabeth Niese (Mathematics); Wendy Trzyna (Biological Sciences); Maria Babiuc (Physics), April Fugett-Fuller (Psychology), Hyoil Han (Computer Science), and Piyali Dasgupta (Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences).


Efforts supported by the MU-ADVANCE Program were highlighted on "This Week in West Virginia," on Friday, February 25, 2011. View the segment...

Family Friendly Efforts at Marshall University At Marshall University, we recognize that our faculty have lives outside the walls of the institution. We are committed to meet our faculty membersí needs, professional and personal, expected anunexpected. This website has been designed to give our faculty easy access to the policies and resources available to help them achieve work/life balance.


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This site links the activities of NSF-ADVANCE Institutional Transformation grant recipients. Supporting the increased participation and advancement of women scientists and engineers.



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