Dual Career Services: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are there jobs in the Huntington/Tri-State area?

A: Yes, and we will help you find them.


Q: Am I guaranteed a job?

A: No, but we will assist you in any way possible to help you locate a position you are qualified for and interested in.


Q: Will partners/spouses be given preferential treatment for jobs at Marshall University?

A: No, but partners/spouses will be made aware of relevant MU and Tri-State job opportunities, but will not be guaranteed a position.


Q: If university jobs are not available, is help available for jobs outside the institution?

A: Absolutely!


Q: How long will the Dual Career Services assist in a partner/spouse job search?

A: For up to 6 months.


Q: Do you provide social networking services?

A: A list of social networks will be available to any interested applicant, but it will be his/her responsibility to facilitate interaction.


Q: How long has this service existed and what is the success rate?

A: This is a brand new service, but we have the utmost faith that it will be successful in meeting the needs of those who utilize it.


Q: Where can I find information on MU and the Tri-State Area?

A: On the MU-ADVANCE Candidate Resources Page.