Dual Career Services: Eligibility and Services



To be eligible for services provided by Marshall University’s (MU) dual career service, a candidate must be a partner or spouse of an applicant interviewing for an open position, or of a newly hired faculty member at Marshall University. Dual Career Services will help identify potential jobs at the university and within the community if a partner/spouse wishes to seek employment up to six months.This service is offered to help expedite and assist with the job search of partners and spouses, but it is important to note that MU does not and will not create positions, nor guarantee employment. Furthermore, MU will not take responsibility for actions and/or practices of companies in which a partner or spouse seeks or accepts employment.




MU-ADVANCE and Career Services have created Dual Career Services as a way to better recruit and retain faculty members at Marshall University. Although employment is not guaranteed, Career Services will offer any eligible partner or spouse the following services:

  • Resume/CV review

  • Interviewing tips, including a mock interview

  • Assistance developing cover letters

  • Access to job postings at both Marshall University and the surrounding community

  • Contact information for local hiring decision-makers

  • Career coaching provided by a career counselor

  • Information about area companies

  • Job fair announcements

  • Information on Huntington and the Tri-State Area