"100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan"


Dr. Natsuki Anderson, Assistant Professor of Japanese, and Ms. Jingping Zhang, Director of Libraries Operations, received 73 books from The Nippon Foundation to broaden Marshall’s collection of materials related to Japan. The Foundation’s “100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan” campaign donates books to libraries in an effort to expand world knowledge of Japan. The book topics are vast, ranging from politics, government, and international relations to society, culture, literature, and arts. Established in 1962 to restructure Japan’s maritime shipping industry, The Nippon Foundation funds philanthropic activities with proceeds generated by Japanese motorboat racing. According to their website, “The Foundation's fundamental aim is the realization of a peaceful and prosperous global society, in which none need struggle to secure their basic human rights. As we work toward this goal, it is essential on the one hand to respect the different value systems embraced by the world's many cultures, but on the other to transcend the political, religious, racial, and national boundaries that divide the world” (http://www.nippon-foundation.or.jp/eng/who/overview.html)

Marshall began offering a Japanese major in Fall 2007. With 60 declared majors required to complete a capstone project related to Japan, the on-campus resource of such an expansive list of books dedicated to their major is exciting. And, because many of the students are double majors, coupling Japanese with such disciplines as International Programs or Sociology, this collection will provide the accessibility to complete interdisciplinary research. The books will be displayed on the first floor of Drinko Library.

This acquisition was strongly supported by Dr. Monica García Brooks, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology: Online Learning and Libraries, and Ms. Christine Lewis, Collection Development Librarian/Technical Services Team Leader.