Dr. April Fugett-Fuller
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology





B.A. (Experimental Psychology), Morehead State University
M.A. (Experimental Psychology), Morehead State University
Ph.D. (Cognitive Psychology) University of Kansas


Dr. Fugett-Fullerís research interests include reading, spelling, semantic memory, learning, implicit memory, psycholinguistics, language processing, sentence processing, and neighborhood density.  Currently, she is working on projects examining the influence of orthographic and phonological neighborhoods on semantic factors in language processing; visual and phonological interaction in learning a novel alphabet; and the influence of single word frequency in compound and pseudo-compound words.


Dr. Fugett-Fuller is currently teaching Psychometrics, Experimental Psychology, and Behavioral Statistics.  Her teaching interests include Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Methods and Design, Psycholinguistics, Memory, Statistics, and Psychology of Language.


Before being hired by Marshall, Dr. Fugett-Fuller was a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kansas.  Her teaching experience at Kansas included Introduction to Psychology, Methodology, Introduction to Statistics, and Psychometrics.


Contact Info
Telephone: (304) 696-2776
Email: fugett5@marshall.edu