Dr. Frances Hensley
MU-ADVANCE Administrative Partner
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs





B. A. (Social Studies Education), Marshall University
M.A. (Social Studies Education), Marshall University
Ph.D. (History), The Ohio State University


Dr. Hensley has studied women’s issues in the Appalachian region, resulting in publications including “The Woman’s Rights Movement, 1848 to the Civil War,” and “Women in the Industrial Work Force in West Virginia, 1880-1945.” >She also served as an editor of “Missing Chapters II: West Virginia Women in History.”


Dr. Hensley joined the Department of History at Marshall in 1983 While at Marshall, she has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, including Women in U.S. History, Seminar in Women’s History, American History to 1877, American History 1877-Present (Honors), America Matures 1900-1945, In Our Times: America Since 1945, American Social Movements, Methodology, The Sixties: Honors Seminar, Vietnam: A T.V. History, and New Student Seminar.


Service and Outreach
Throughout her career, Dr. Hensley has been an active consultant to the West Virginia Humanities Foundation and the West Virginia Women’s Commission. In 1983, she served as an historian for “Our Working Oral History Project.” As an Executive Committee member and Consulting Historian, she was involved with an exhibition sponsored by the West Virginia Humanities Foundation and the West Virginia Women’s Commission. Having focused on studying West Virginia history, she was instrumental in the West Virginia History Film Project from 1990–1995. She reviewed Leila Brammer’s work, “Excluded from Suffrage History” in 1999.She was appointed to the West Virginia Humanities Council in 2002, and has served on the editorial board of West Virginia History since 1993.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-6704
e-mail: hensleyf@marshall.edu