Dr. Jan I. Fox, MU-ADVANCE Administrative Partner

Vice President, Information Technology/Chief Information Officer






B.S. (Biology, minor in Chemistry), Marshall University
M.S. (Biology, in Botany), Marshall University
Ed.D. (Higher Education Administration, minor in Information Technology), West Virginia University


Dr. Foxs research interests and expertise focus on improving information technology in distance education, K-12 outreach, e-commerce, economic development, community networks, telemedicine, MPLS, environmental modeling, library technology integration, and hospital information systems. Examples of her research contributions include being instrumental in implementing several statewide technology efforts, including Advantage Valley regional economic development presences, assisting the establishment of the first academic ATM network installation in WV, and WVs first Cisco Academy, leading the efforts to establish the first web accessible library system in WV, and creating RuralNet which links 18 rural health care facilities, homes, and campuses to drug information, diagnostic support, educational material, and library resources.


While she was a doctorate student in Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech, Dr. Fox helped create a national computer model for predicting the environmental impact of biological, physical, and chemical parameters in stream basins, an effect supported by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Dr. Fox teaches Epidemiology, Telemedicine, Mapping Health Data (GIS), Diagnostic Support, Online Drug Information, Hospital Information Systems, Rural Health Care Networks, and Application Software.


Service and Outreach
As a Special Assistant to the Governor for Information Technology, Dr. Fox has consulted and assisted the Governor of WV with important statewide technology issues that have contributed to the state's economic development, job creation, strategic planning, e-government, and statewide infrastructure development.


Dr. Fox has led a number of grant-funded projects, exceeding $7 million, from Bell Atlantic, West Virginia Prevention Network, Huntington Foundation, WV Health and Human Services, Teubert Foundation, MU University Physicians and Surgeons, WV Secretary of the Education and the Arts, National Telecommunication and Infrastructure Association, Appalachian Regional Commission, the Kellogg Foundation, WV Board of Trustees Technical Advantage Program, Federal Technology Opportunities Program, Cisco Networks, FCC and NSF-EPSCoR. By increasing access, as well as improving and ensuring the quality of technology, these projects used information technology for improvements in post-secondary education and distance learning, the states economic development, and in making advancements in rural health care.


Dr. Fox is currently Vice President for Information Technology at Marshall. Her administrative responsibilities include the integration of information technology into all aspects of education, administration, and research throughout the Marshall community. Her principal management responsibilities include Computing Services, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Applications, University Libraries, MUOnline, Information Security, Technology Outreach, and IT Customer Service. She serves as chair of several technology committees and is the past chair of the statewide Information Technology Council of State CIOs.


Additionally, she serves on the Governors WV Broadband Committee. She serves or has served on several national committees including the Chronicle of Higher Education CIO Board, SREB Underserved Communities, West Virginia Broadband Council, WV Telehealth Alliance, WVNET, WV Council of CIOs and the Southern Growth Policy Board Technology Council.


Contact Info
phone: (304) 696-6706
Fax: (304) 696-3229
e-mail: fox@marshall.edu