Dr. Jennifer Tiano
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology







B.A. (Psychology), West Virginia University
M.A. (Psychology), West Virginia University
Ph.D. (Psychology), West Virginia University


Dr. Tiano's research interests include the treatment of children with externalizing behaviors, the inclusion of fathers in behavioral parent-training programs, and teacher training in the management of child problem behaviors in the classroom. More specifically, Dr. Tiano examines how Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) can decrease disruptive child behaviors and improve parenting skills. She is also interested in understanding how the use of PCIT affects Appalachian parents.


Dr. Tiano is currently teaching Abnormal Psychology and Personality Psychology. Next semester, she will teach Child and Family Therapy at the graduate level, and Abnormal Psychology at the undergraduate level. She will also continue to provide clinical supervision to doctoral students in psychology.


Dr. Tiano spent the last two years as an Assistant Professor teaching Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry at the Charleston Division of the West Virginia University Medical School. This role not only allowed her to teach students and residents about child psychiatry, but also provided her an opportunity to work closely with children and community members. She oversaw and provided psychotherapy to children with various diagnoses. In addition, she met with parents, teachers, school personnel, and other professional members of the community to provide consultations about child psychiatry.


Dr. Tiano is a member of both the American Psychological Association and the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-2786
email: tiano@marshall.edu