Dr. Judith A. Silver, MU-ADVANCE Co-PI
Professor, Department of Mathematics





Ph.D. (Mathematics), University of Kentucky
M.A.T. (Mathematics), University of Washington
B.S. (Mathematics), Walla Walla College


Dr. Silver's research interests include: WvEB Algebra laboratories and lectures, computer utilization to teach proofs, and the creation of a Lab Manual for Running Mathematica. Her most recent research on A Great Circle Metric is a proceeding for the WV Academy of Science. Dr. Silver is the current reviewer for The Mathematics Teacher, and was also the reviewer of undergraduate textbooks for publishers Addison/Wesley/Longman and Simon&Shuster.


Dr. Silver has taught a variety of mathematics courses, including: Math for Liberal Arts Majors; Graphing Calculators; New Student Seminar; Elementary Algebra; Intermediate Algebra; College Algebra; Trigonometry; Finite Math; Elementary Statistics; Short Calculus for Business Majors; Short Calculus for Science Majors; Calculus I, II, & III; Integral Calculus for CS Majors; Linear Algebra & Differential Equations for CS Majors; Linear Algebra; Differential Equations; Partial Differential Equations; Differential Geometry; Non-Euclidean Geometry; Modern Geometry; Projective Geometry; Geometry for Math Educators; Theory of Statistics I & II; Advanced Calculus I & II; Real Analysis I & II; Complex Variables; Number Theory; Topology; Senior Seminar; Science & the Visual Arts; Introduction to Higher Mathematics.


This year, Dr. Silver will teach the First Year Seminar 100H course, a freshmen orientation course for honors students, as well as an honors course focusing on arts and mathematics.


Services and Outreach
Dr. Silver served as the Interim Associate Dean of the College of Science for the 2008-2009 academic year.  From 2002-2005, Dr. Silver served as the Associate Chair for the Department of Mathematics, after an appointment as the Interim Head for the Division of Mathematics and Applied Science from 2000 - 2002. Dr. Silver is the currently a Mathematics professor and a Co-PI for the MU-ADVANCE program.


As a member of the West Virginia Math Task Force, Dr. Silver has collaborated with the National Science Foundation through the MERIT project. This project addresses the teaching and learning needs of middle school and high school mathematics. She is a content specialist for the RESA II Math Partnership Grant (No Child Left Behind). Dr. Silver's contribution to the community is expansive.  In November 2001, she garnered grant monies for K-12 Math Initiatives, has served as a Co-PI for an NSF Grant; CSEMS Scholars: A GAME plan for Appalachian Student Success during the spring 2001, and was a Co-PI for Pilot Program Grant for WvEB algebra in the fall of 2000.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-3044
e-mail: silver@marshall.edu
website: http://users.marshall.edu/~silver