Dr. Bonita Lawrence
Professor of Mathematics




B.A. (Mathematics), Cameron University
M.S. (Mathematics), Auburn University
Ph.D. (Mathematical Sciences), University of Texas at Arlington


For the last five years, Dr. Lawrence has been working toward building a four-integrator Differential Analyzer (DA), which will ultimately serve as an educational tool to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. Beginning with a smaller machine, Dr. Lawrence led a team of researchers, primarily students, in building a two-integrator tool, “Lizzie,” that allows mathematical functions to be visualized.  After several years, a four-integrator DA nicknamed “The Big Machine” or “Art,” is now complete. Dr. Lawrence has been invited to speak about the MU-DA Project at the Mathematics Colloquium at Charleston Southern University, in South Carolina; the Appalachian Association of Mathematics Teachers Educators Conference; the Mathematics Department Colloquium at Missouri University; and the 14th International Conference on Difference Equations and Application in Istanbul, Turkey. In July 2009, Dr. Lawrence will present at the Equadiff 12 Conference in Brno, Czech Republic.


Dr. Lawrence has received numerous awards to fund this project, including a MU-ADVANCE mini-grant, a WV-EPSCoR travel grant, and a MU Foundation award.


Dr. Lawrence currently teaches Advanced Differential Equations, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and Senior Seminar.


In less than a year, Dr. Lawrence received both the West Virginia Professor of the Year Award, given by the Faculty Merit Foundation, and the Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award. She is also a recipient of the Shirley and Marshall Reynolds Outstanding Teaching Award, and the Marshall University Distinguished Artists and Scholars Award for Excellence in All Fields.


Service and Outreach
Dr. Lawrence plans to use the summer to create a kit to aid high school students in building their own Differential Analyzer.


She serves on several university committees, including the Athletic Advisory Council, General Education Committee, the University Personnel Committee, and the University Athletic Committee.


Within the Mathematics Department, Dr. Lawrence served as acting Chair during the Fall 2008 semester, and serves on the Differential Equations and Advanced Calculus I and II committees. She is Graduate Committee Chair, the Advisor for Recruiting, and the TA Advisor. In addition, she is Chair of the Mathematics Literacy Committee and the Coordinator of the Recruitment Activities Committee.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-3040
e-mail: lawrence@marshall.edu
websites: http://science.marshall.edu/lawrence