Dr. Magdalena N. Muchlinski
Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy and Pathology





B.A. (Anthropology), University of California, Santa Cruz
M.A. (Anthropology), University of Texas at Austin
Ph.D. (Anthropology), University of Texas at Austin


Dr. Muchlinski’s research focuses on the evolution of primate traits. She is particularly interested in the sensory systems and physiology of primates.



Dr. Muchlinski is currently teaching Clinical Gross Anatomy and Embryology at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. Prior to arriving at MU, Dr. Muchlinski taught Introduction to Physical Anthropology, Comparative Primate Anatomy, Sensory Ecology, Primate Behavior, and Primate Ecology at the University of Texas at Austin. She also taught Clinical Gross Anatomy at the Sophie Davis School of Medicine of the City University of New York, NY.


Dr. Muchlinski spent the last year both teaching at Baylor University, in Waco, Texas, and conducting post-doctoral research at the University of Texas on primate sensory systems. In addition to having given several research presentations, Dr. Muchlinski has two recent publications: “Ecological correlates of infraorbital foramen area in primates,” published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology; and “Exceptions prove the rule: Residual variation in mammalian basal metabolism is explained by fractal models of blood supply,” published in the Journal of Comparative Physiology B.


Dr. Muchlinski is a member of the American Association of Physical Anthropology, American Society of Primatology, and the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-7346
email: muchlinski@marshall.edu