Dr. Nadja Spitzer
Post-doctoral Associate, Biological Sciences






B.S. (Biochemistry), University of Victoria, Canada
Ph.D. (Biology), Georgia State University


Dr. Spitzerís research interests include: the development of cell therapies for disorders of the nervous system, identification and control of molecular signaling mechanisms governing cell differentiation, molecular neurophysiology, and cellular mechanisms underlying complex behaviors. Currently, Dr. Spitzer works in Dr. Elmer Priceís lab developing a novel type of adult-derived stem cell to potentially apply to neurobiological disorder therapies. Her main goal is to produce relatively pure cultures of motor neurons and oligodendrocytes for spinal cord injury treatments, or dopaminergic neurons to address Parkinsonís disease.


Dr. Spitzer has taught Human Physiology and Human Anatomy for the Department of Biological Sciences at Marshall, and will teach Principles of Cell Biology over the summer. In addition, she has given numerous guest lectures both at MU and Georgia State University.


Dr. Spitzer spearheaded the recent Brain Expo, held in April 2009, at the Marshall University Memorial Student Center. The MU Brain Expo was part of the larger International Brain Awareness Campaign founded by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. Children and adults were introduced to various brain and nervous system functions by visiting several learning stations. More than 90 volunteers staffed the stations, and at least 200 students, parents, and community members attended. The overall goal of the Brain Expo was to expose children and the community to science in a fun, interactive way, and to create a more science literate population. For more information, visit: http://www.marshall.edu/baw/.


Prior to coming to her arrival at MU, Dr. Spitzer co-directed the Institute on Neuroscience at Georgia State University. In this role, she designed and taught intensive Neuroscience programs to prepare advanced high school students for laboratory internships. She also served as a Post-doctoral Associate in the lab of Dr. Donald Edwards at Georgia State University. While at GSU, Dr. Spitzerís research involved electrophysiological analysis of serotonin receptor function in crayfish nerve cords.


Dr. Spitzer is a member of the Society for Neuroscience.


Contact Info
Telephone: (304) 696-3778
Email: spitzern@marshall.edu