Dr. Suzanne G. Strait
Professor of Biological Sciences








B.A. (Anthropology/Women’s Studies), Hampshire College
PhD. (Biological Anthropology), SUNY Stony Brook


Dr. Strait studies climate change in the fossil record. Specifically, she examines the changes in mammalian community structure at the Paleocene/Eocene boundary (55 million years ago).  This time was referred to as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum and represents the most extreme and rapid global warming that Earth has seen since mammals began to dominate.


Dr. Strait is the recipient of a $532,000 Database and Informatics National Science Foundation grant. The grant has allowed her the opportunity to design a web-based 3D museum of Paleocene and Eocene fossil mammals, which can be found at: www.paleoview3D.org.


Dr. Strait has been teaching Human Anatomy, a core course for allied health majors, at Marshall since 1993. In addition, she has taught UNI 101, Digital Morphometrics, Functional Morphology, and Scanning Electron Microscopy. She has received the Phi Eta Sigma “Fabulous Faculty Member” award, the MU Faculty Merit Award, and the MU Biology Club Outstanding Mentor Award.


Service and Outreach
Dr. Strait is a member of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, the American Society of Mammalogists, and the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.  She serves on the Advisory Board for the Bronx Zoo's Madagascar exhibit, and also as a proposal review panel member for the National Science Foundation.


In addition to her work at Marshall, Dr. Strait has reached out to the community to encourage and promote science. She has organized day-long interactive workshops for elementary school students and has judged numerous science fairs in both Ohio and West Virginia. She is also a Research Associate at the University of California Museum of Paleontology.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-2425
email: straitho@marshall.edu
website: http://www.science.marshall.edu/straitho/