Dr. Marianna Footo-Linz, MU-ADVANCE Mentor
Professor of Psychology




B.A. (Psychology), Marshall University
M.A. (Clinical Psychology), Marshall University
Ph.D. (Developmental Psychology), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Dr. Footo-Linz is the Coordinator of the Psy.D. Program at Marshall University. In this role, Dr. Footo-Linz oversees numerous aspects of the program, including the admissions component, curriculum development, student recruitment, practicum placements, and the organization of clinical seminars.


She also serves as a senior faculty mentor for Dr. Wendy Williams, a MU-ADVANCE Faculty Fellow. In this role, Dr. Footo-Linz meets weekly with Dr. Williams to discuss an array of topics from departmental issues to publication to how to find and apply for grant funding.


Dr. Footo-Linz teaches Introductory Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Personality at the undergraduate level, as well as a graduate course in Psychological Assessment.


Service and Outreach
Dr. Footo-Linz serves as a Mental Health Consultant for both the Cabell and Wayne County Head Start Programs, where she is involved in parent traning, classroom observation, assessment, and behavioral consultation.


Currently, she serves on the following committees: Higher Education Learning Program (HELP) Oversight Committee, the Women's Studies Committee, Psy.D. Program Committee, the Psy.D. Admissions Committee, the Psychology Graduate Curriculum Committee, and the Clinical Student Search Committee.  She also serves as a board member for the Child Development Academy at Marshall University.  She is a Lead Delegate for the National Council of Schools and Programs in Professional Psychology and is a member of the Society for Research in Child Development.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-2774
e-mail: Linz@marshall.edu