Dr. Godwin Aklama Djietror
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography






B.A. (Geography and Resource Development), University of Ghana
M.A. (Geography and Planning), University of Toledo
Ph.D. (Geography), McMaster University


Dr. Djietror has two main research interests. For one aspect of his work, Dr. Djietror examines the broad determinants of urban land use behavior regarding residential, commercial, and industrial land use. In particular, he focuses on land use planning, zoning, and the physical wellness of residential neighborhoods. His current work involves examining the link between municipal code violations and the socio-economic and demographic characteristics of urban residents. Students can participate in Dr. Djietror's longitudinal studies of neighborhood physical wellness by becoming involved in the collection of periodic data on physical attributes of residential neighborhoods, and/or conducting the preliminary analysis of the data using basic descriptive statistics and GIS. Dr. Djietror's second interest, the geography of health, has focused on understanding spatial variations in cardiovascular disease outcomes, particularly at the ecological level. He is also interested in studying the public health implications of urban planning and land use with respect to housing, commerce, and industry.


Dr. Djietror currently teaches Economic Geography and Geographical Research. While at Central Michigan University, he taught Land Use Planning, Integrated Land Use Planning, Urban Geography, Physical Geography, Cultures of the World, and Environmental Geography.


Prior to coming to Marshall, Dr. Djietror was an assistant professor of Geography at Central Michigan University. While in Michigan, he began collaborating with the Planning and Zoning Department of Mount Pleasant, Michigan, to collect data on the physical attributes of residential neighborhoods in that city. In addition, he works with the City Planner and Zoning Coordinator for the surrounding Charter Township of Union to identify and analyze land use conflicts along the common boundary between the city and the township.


Dr. Djietror is currently participating in the Multicultural Affairs Faculty in Residence Program, which was designed to attract under-represented faculty to Marshall. The program includes a one-bedroom apartment in the freshman dorm, a senior-level mentor, and access to many resources both on- and off-campus. The goal of the program is to immerse the faculty member in both the campus and Huntington communities thus enhancing their local experience and increasing their likelihood of success at Marshall. The mentor serves a key role in this process by introducing and engaging the faculty member in social and professional opportunities.


Dr. Djietror is a member of the Association of American Geographers.


Contact Info
Telephone: (304) 696-4627
Email: djietror@marshall.edu