Dr. Leslie Frost
Associate Professor of Chemistry



B.S. (Chemistry), West Virginia University
M.S. (Chemistry), West Virginia University
Ph.D. (Chemistry), University of Virginia


Dr. Frost's research focuses on the use of biological mass spectrometry in the identification and analysis of peptides and proteins. Currently, she is working on several projects that involve the identification of insulin C-peptide binding proteins, cholesterol metabolism, cancer projects, the analysis of insulin receptors, and developing a novel phosphoTip.


Dr. Frost received a MU-ADVANCE mini-grant that funded summer research for the project: “Isolation and Identification of Insulin C-Peptide Binding Proteins.” This award resulted in fulfilling two of the Program’s goals: 1) Dr. Frost was able to obtain some promising results that will allow her to write a stronger grant proposal, and 2) Dr. Frost served as a role model to the female STEM undergraduate who worked with her on the project. This student presented the results at the annual Marshall University Sigma Xi Research Day.


Dr. Frost currently teaches Biochemistry Lecture and Lab, and Modern Instrument Methods at the undergraduate and graduate level.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-6774
e-mail: frost@marshall.edu
website: http://science.marshall.edu/frost