Dr. Marcia Harrison,
MU-ADVANCE Principal Investigator Professor of Biological Sciences









B.S. (Botany), University of Vermont
M.S. (Biology), University of Michigan
Ph.D. (Botany), University of Michigan


Dr. Harrison studies environmental factors that influence plant growth. A current research project, with undergraduate student Hannah Mick and graduate student Mia Brown, addresses the question of how plant stems orient themselves in a gravitational field and re-orient when the orientation is disrupted. Of special interest is the role of the plant hormone ethylene in altering plant growth during re-orientation. Other research interests involve ethylene's role in plant stress-responses and its importance to crops such as hydroponically-grown strawberries.


Dr. Harrison teaches Principles of Biology and Principles of Cell Biology for majors in biological sciences. She also teaches Introduction to Biology for non-majors. In an upper level course, Plant Physiology, student teams work on independent projects. These projects are presented in a poster session at the annual Marshall University Sigma Xi Research Day.


Service and Outreach
Dr. Harrison is dedicated to enhancing the undergraduate laboratory experience and student research at Marshall University. Her participation in the Marshall University Chapter of the NASA WV Space Grant Consortium, Biological Sciences Student Support and Biological Sciences Teaching Support committees, and activities supported by the Marshall University Chapter of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society help further these goals. Dr. Harrison served as the Director of the West Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair, the state-wide competition for high school researchers, from 2000-2007. She is currently the president of the Marshall University Chapter of Sigma Xi.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-4867
fax: (304) 696-7136
e-mail: harrison@marshall.edu
websites: http://science.marshall.edu/harrison/