Dr. Laura McCunn
Assistant Professor of Chemistry




B.A. (Biochemistry), Ohio Wesleyan University
M.S. (Chemistry), University of Chicago
Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), University of Chicago


Dr. McCunn’s research interests include the structure, reactivity, and spectral properties of radicals. She is building a matrix-isolation FTIR instrument to measure the vibrational spectra of radicals that occur as reaction intermediates during combustion. The apparatus will also be used to learn about the photochemistry of halogenated hydrocarbons.


Dr. McCunn teaches Physical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Principles of Chemistry I and its associated laboratory.


Prior to coming to Marshall, Dr. McCunn completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University. There she explored the nature of solvation at the molecular level, probing the structure and binding energies of ionic clusters; mastered methods of time-of-flight mass spectrometry and infrared predissociation spectroscopy; designed and implemented a velocity-map imaging apparatus to be used for photoelectron spectroscopy; and acquired technical skills with solid-state lasers, high voltage applications, and high-vacuum apparatuses.


Dr. McCunn is a member of the American Chemical Society and serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Chemical Physics.


Contact Info
telephone: (304) 696-2319
e-mail: mccunn@marshall.edu