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The State and Institutional Policy Changes Initiative was specifically focused on changing university and state policies that were identified as significant barriers to the advancement of STEM female faculty at Marshall University. State-wide policy change will continue to be a long-term goal beyond the MU-ADVANCE Program's duration. The MU-ADVANCE Policy Committee administered two Faculty Job Satisfaction Surveys and used the data to propose policy changes that addressed areas of faculty concern. The Policy Committee reviewed policies of importance relevant to the overall goal of the MU-ADVANCE project, such as those relating to promotion and tenure; child care and dual career options; workload formulas; faculty evaluation systems, that include research and faculty development activities; and negotiable goals for merit and advancement consistent with the university mission and goals. The broader impact goal was to share the policy change successes at Marshall with other WV colleges and universities to enhance statewide faculty satisfaction and retention. This initiative was overseen by Elizabeth Murray; partnered with Frances Hensley.

MU-ADVANCE-Initiated Policies Institutionalized at Marshall by the Faculty Senate are:

The Pre-Tenure Review Policy institutes a comprehensive review for all pre-tenure tenure-track faculty based on each college's criteria for tenure and promotion, and occurs midway through the probationary period. This policy ensures that pre-tenure faculty get clear, official feedback on their progress toward tenure, and clarifies both the tenure process itself and the level of documentation and detail required in a tenure dossier.

The Modified Duties Policy provides nine-month faculty, who do not currently accrue sick leave, with the option to modify their duties and allows additional time at pre-tenure status to address personal matters, such as the birth of a child, elder care, or a catastrophic situation. This policy provides an official mechanism to permit faculty to handle unexpected personal matters, and allows pre-tenure tenure-track faculty to temporarily "Stop the Clock" without compromising their progress toward tenure. Modified duties will only be granted for personal matters, rather than for career changes, even if temporary. Those faculty seeking to modify their duties are be required to go through an application process.


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