Vision Statement


Marshall University established the Division of Multicultural Affairs in 1989. Woven into the mission of the institution, Marshall University affirmed its commitment to an environment of teaching and learning which recognizes and welcomes diversity of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status, political and ethnic backgrounds.

Consistent with its awareness of different people, backgrounds and cultures the Division of Multicultural Affairs is committed to developing the potential of all students by creating and maintaining an environment that promotes and fosters a multicultural, international, global community.

The Division of Multicultural Affairs recognizes that some students, faculty and staff come to Marshall University from environments where they have had inadequate preparation and exposure to various cultures and populations which are a part of Marshall University. Consistent with its mission for teaching, programs are made available to enhance knowledge of diversity of cultures and people for the Marshall University community.

Multicultural Affairs is organized to provide underrepresented racial/ethnic populations with programs that enhance knowledge, skills and awareness to function in a complex global society.  

The Division of Multicultural Affairs Strives to…

Create and maintain an environment that promotes cross-cultural understanding.

Ameliorate and eliminate barriers to students, faculty, and staff’s interactions across racial, ethnic and cultural boundaries.

Foster understanding, tolerance and appreciation of similarities and differences among multi-cultures, groups and religions.

Institute changes in the curriculum, program and student affairs to provide and to enhance students’ knowledge, and understanding of diverse groups, cultures and racial/ethnic persons.

Increase the number of underrepresented groups as undergraduate, professional and graduate students from the four (4) federally recognized minority groups (African American, Native American, Hispanics and Asian Americans).

Recruit and retain underrepresented racial minorities and diverse populations as members of the faculty, staff, administration and student populations.

Increase scholarships for racial/ethnic minority groups.

Promote a minority presence throughout the university to include but not limited to: university governance, college & department committees, and administration

Improve the campus climate to foster nurturing, acceptance, and respect of racial/ethnic minorities and diverse individuals.

Support and maintain programs which present a variety of cross-cultural opportunities for all constituents of Marshall University.

Promote increased understanding and relations between the University and the community to enhance communication and appreciation of racial/ethnic/cultural groups in order to ameliorate racial tensions and breakdown barriers.