How can I withdraw from an MUOnLine course if I need to?

Dropping an Online Course: Students can drop an online course by mailing a request to drop to the Registrar. The postmark on the request will be the official date of withdrawal. The instructor’s signature is not required.

If a student is on academic probation, he/she must have the approval signature of his/her associate dean. Since online courses do not require you to come to campus, your dean will need to fax or email the registrar’s office stating that he/she approves the withdrawal request.

Note that the instructor’s signature is not required and that approvals of any kind are not needed if a student is not on probation.

The Registrar’s Office will need the student’s name, ID number, signature, term and course information in the written request.

Also, a student can request a withdrawal from an online class by emailing (using their MU email account) or sending a fax request with a signature to the Registrar’s Office.

The date of the email or fax will be used as the withdrawal date.

Office of the Registrar
Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755
Fax: 304-696-2252

The University Academic Calendar lists specific semester deadline dates for course drops.