Session timed out

The idle session time limit in MUOnLine is set to 75 minutes. If you are logged in to your MUOnLine course and do not perform any actions in the course (click links, access tools, click send, save, etc.) for 75 minutes, then your session will be timed out. Any data that was in progress, but not previously saved, will be lost. For example, if you began a discussion post and typed a message, but did not click the Post button, and 75 minutes expired, you will not be able to post that message and you will need to log back in to MUOnLine and create a new message.

Please note that many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) also have their own time limits set for allowable idle time and this time period may be less than MUOnLine’s 75 minutes. You may be timed out of your ISP before being timed out of MUOnLine, so be sure to check the idle time limitations with your ISP.