Computer Requirements

Each computer that you use to access your E-course must be have the correct settings in Internet Explorer and the necessary hardware/software. Next, to make sure that your computer/software is compatible with MUOnLine, please run the Hardware/Software Requirements check by clicking the link below.

Hardware/software requirements check

To make sure your web browser is compatible with Adobe Connect (formerly Macromedia Breeze), please check the requirements for viewing Adobe Connect content or events.

MUOnLine Download Center

The Download Center contains links to software that will enhance your online course experience. Your online course syllabus will tell you if any of these products are required.  To download any of the software below, please click on the underlined text. All the links below are FREE downloads and will launch in an external window.  If you are not sure if any of these programs (Plug-ins), are installed on your computer, please click the link below to run our Plug-in Test.
Plug-in Test


Internet Tools Adobe Products
Internet Explorer (Windows)You can download your free copy of the most recent version of Internet Explorer at this site.Firefox (Windows & Mac)
You can download your free copy of the most recent version of Internet Explorer at this site.

Sun Java Virtual Machine (Windows)
Download the Java Virtual Machine for using Chat and other course tools in your online course. This is a required free program for all online courses.

Java for Mac OS X (Mac)
Java is required for using Chat and other course tools in your online course.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF)Many documents in online courses are presented as PDF files. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® is free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
Adobe Plug-ins Other Media Tools
Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash Player displays content you may see in your online courses such as interactive animation created with Adobe Flash.Adobe Shockwave Player
Adobe Shockwave Player is usually created with Adobe Director, and provides support for many different forms of multimedia that may be used in your online course.
Windows Media Player (.wma, .wmv)Windows Media® Player Series is the latest version of the free windows media player. Many online courses use video or audio that runs in Windows Media Player.RealPlayer (.ram)
Real Player is a windows media player. Some online courses use video or audio that runs in Real.

QuickTime (.mov)
QuickTime is Apple’s audio/video player that supports a variety of file formats.

Software Viewers Miscellaneous
Word Viewer
You can open, view, and print MS Word files without having Word installed on your computer.PowerPoint Viewer
You can view PowerPoint presentations without having PowerPoint installed on your computer.Excel Viewer
You can open, view, and print Excel files without having Excel installed on your computer.

DWF™ Viewer
Design Review lets you review, mark up and track changes to 2D and 3D designs without having the original creation software installed on your computer.

WinZip (Windows)WinZip is a Windows-only compression utility. Files compressed with this utility will have a “.zip” extension in the name of the file. Once downloaded, the file can be saved, which will activate the WinZip utility to “unzip” the file’s contents. Zip files make it easy to transport, e-mail, download and store data and software.StuffIt Expander (Mac)
StuffIt Expander is a Mac compression utility. This software can be used to open .zip files as well as other compressed files.