Many individuals and companies use firewalls to help protect the security of their computer systems. These firewalls can restrict your ability to access your online course. If you are not able to access your online course, you may have a firewall restriction issue. Personal firewalls, such as Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security, and McAfee Personal Firewall can be configured by the user to allow access to specified sites. Check your software instructions for details on how to configure your personal firewall to grant access to the MUOnLine server (domain =  

Companies using firewalls may have policies that prohibit personal use of computers and/or making changes to the firewall configuration. Contact your company’s network support technician to determine what firewall restrictions are set and if they can be modified to enable access to MUOnLine.

Please call our Information Technology Service Desk at (304) 696 – 3200 for assistance in determining if you are being blocked by a firewall.