Hardware/Software Check

We recommend computer access from home because it is the most convenient for online courses. On your home computer, you have the most control over your computer settings and the required hardware and software. However, other options for computer use include:

  • the computer labs on the Marshall University campuses, (which are configured to work properly with our online courses),
  • computers in public libraries, the workplace, etc., so long as they meet the requirements below..

*If you have any technical questions at all please do not hesitate to call on our staff at theInformation Technology (IT) Service Desk  at (304) 696 – 3200.

*Visit the Computing Services Computing Recommendations if you are planning on purchasing a new computer.

To ensure a trouble-free start, before you begin your MUOnLine course please take the time to check a few things on each computer you may be using to access your course.
AOL Users please click here first. 

Required Minimum Hardware Recommended/Required Software
Operating System, Processor, Memory, Storage

  • Windows XP SP3 or higher (Win 7 or higher preferred), Intel Core 2 Duo or above processor, 2GB RAM minimum (4 GB or more for Win 7), 10GB available disk space
  • MAC OS X10.5 Leopard, or higher (Mac 10.6 Leopard preferred), Intel based Mac, 2GB RAM min (4GB preferred), 10GB available space

Internet Connection

  • Broadband DSL, Cable Modem, or Satellite Internet Service Preferred (Satellite service may limit real-time interaction with audio and video). Recommended speed of 1.5Mb download, .5Mb upload preferred minimum and less than 200ms Ping time (latency)
  • Check speed at http://www.speedtest.net

Other Devices

  • Printer is recommended
  • CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Sound Card/Microphone and Webcam are required for some courses

Screen Resolution

  • Screen Resolution: 1024×768 (XGA)
Software (plug-ins/ converters/ viewers)MU Online courses use specialized software to view certain kinds of files, videos, and perform certain tasks. Your course syllabus will tell you what, if any, plug-ins/ converters/ viewers are needed for your course. Most of these are free.The Plug-in Check below will tell you whether or not you have the most commonly required plug-ins on your computer and if not, how to install them as well as converters/viewers. Plug-in CheckA complete list of free software is also available at our Download Center.
Antivirus | Spyware | FirewallsWe also strongly recommend that you protect your home computer with antivirus and antispyware software, and remove any firewalls that may interfere with the functions of your course.Please click these items below for additional help.