Spyware and Adware

Spyware and Adware refers to programs that surreptitiously monitor your computer activity. These programs can record your keystrokes, prevent you from accessing websites, from downloading and installing programs, and generally can intrude on your online course experience. Screening programs can help protect your computer from these intrusions. 

If you cannot get to the MUOnLine log on screen, if you experience lots of popup windows or any other odd browser behavior then you probably have spyware on your computer. We recommend running antispyware software regularly to protect your computer.

Anti-spyware programs available free include Ad-Aware , Spybot, and Microsoft AntiSpyware. Here are instructions for downloading and running Ad-Aware (http://www.lavasoftusa.com/), but any of the recommended antispyware programs should help.

  1. Save it to a drive on your computer (remember where it is being saved on your computer).
  2. Close all programs, go to the directory where it was saved and double click on the downloaded file. This will install the program.
  3. Go to Start >> Programs >> AdAware 6 and start the program
    Before you scan your computer:
  4. Click on Check For Updates Now.
  5. Under Select Scan Mode, choose Use custom scanning options.
  6. Click Customize.
  7. Insure that all available items are checked.
  8. Click on the folder to Click here to select drives and folders.
  9. Choose your hard drive letter.
  10. Click Proceed.
  11. Click Next. It will start scanning.

Once it has finished scanning Click Next, right-click on the list and choose Select All >> Next to remove ALL spyware.

Reboot your computer and try accessing MUOnLine again.

Note: You have to run this program manually (usually weekly) to keep your system clean. It will not detect spyware automatically like an anti- virus protector.