MUOnLine Orientation

Course Tools and Their Functions

Instructor may choose to use a few, some, or all of the available tools in MUOnline.

The following tools will provide course information:

Learning ModulesMedia LibraryMy Files
My GradesMy ProgressRoster
SearchSyllabusWeb Links

The following tools may appear inside your course(s) may ask for you to interact, input, and/or attach information.
Click the linked items below for a review and details of how to use these tools.
These pages are written so you may print them out and use as an “off-line” guide.

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It is strongly recommended you work on these activities throughout the course timeline and not wait to complete these tasks. Many instructors will place specific due dates and time frames on activities. Please review the syllabus and schedule (if available) for details.

Icons (images) on the course content (homepage) will include information to course content and may link to a specific course activity. Please review each icon as each will include important course information. Pay close attention to due dates and complete work on time.

You also have access to a footer bar at the bottom of the homepage. The footer includes links to a variety of Marshall University resources, including:

  • College or department web site
  • MUOnline Help
  • Help Desk
  • Library
  • Course Evaluation
  • Bookstore
  • Tutoring Center
  • Writing Center
  • Disability Services
  • Tips for Succeeding in an Online Course