Mathematics Through Algebra I

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General Description:

Mathematics through Algebra I may be completed as a stand-alone graduate certificate or as an area of emphasis within the Master of Arts in Elementary Education or Master of Arts in Secondary Education. Mathematics through Algebra I has been accredited by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Completion of either the certificate or degree related to Mathematics through Algebra I may lead to additional endorsement by the same name for those who have a general teaching license in West Virginia. The program is designed for teachers who hold a valid general teaching license in an area other than mathematics and who have an interest in expanding their license to this area. Upon completion of the program, participants may be eligible to teach mathematics through Algebra I at the 5-9 or 5-Adult programmatic levels, depending upon previous experience, license, and options selected within the program, and the passing of the PRAXIS II Middle Level Mathematics exam.

To gain the teaching license endorsement in West Virginia, participants are required to take and pass the Praxis II Middle Level Mathematics exam. Upon completion of all courses and passing the Praxis test, participants will be eligible to request the additional endorsement of Mathematics through Algebra I at grade levels 5-9 or 5-Adult from the West Virginia Department of Education. Participants wishing licensure in other states are responsible for ascertaining the relevant requirements and the probability of this program meeting those requirements.