Faculty Development Committee for Online and Multimedia Instruction (FDCOMI)

FDCOMI was formed in 2002 to oversee academic issues for all forms of online courses. Its primary ongoing responsibility is to evaluate newly developed online courses according to a set of standard requirements formulated by the committee.

Membership on the Faculty Development Committee for Online and Multimedia Instruction (FDCOMI) is open to all full-time faculty who have an interest in online education. The committee conducts most of its business online and meets once a semester or as needed.

Starting in 2011, Marshall University is participating in the Quality Matters program to aid in the improvement of over-all online course quality.  Several faculty and staff members who teach online have sought the Quality Matters endorsement and become certified peer reviewers. When needed, QM certified reviewers may be asked by the FDCOMI chair to serve on a peer review team to help facilitate the process.

Committee members:

Adams, Diana, Information Technology
Brooks, Monica*, Information Technology
Burck, Andrew*, GSEPD
Campbell, Beth*, GSEPD
Christofero, Tracy*, CITE
Combs, Mindy*, St. Mary’s School of Nursing
Cunningham, Mike, GSEPD
Davis, Elbert*, GSEPD
Debela, Nega, GSEPD
Djietror, Godwin*, COLA
Dondanville, Abbey*, CHP
Ellison, Lori*, GSEPD
Ellison, Robert*, COLA
Hagen, Josh*, COLA
Heaton, Lisa, GSEPD
Hisiro, Tom*, GSEPD
Huff, Kristen, Information Technology
Ingersoll, Christine*, SOJMC
Johnson, Kelli*, University Libraries
Johnson, Rebecca*, SOJMC
Kaplan, Paula*, Information Technology
Leonard, Jamie*, COLA
Mader, Deanna, COB
Mayes, Kelli*, Information Technology
McComas, Karen*
McInerney, Margie, COB
Miller, Beverly*, CHP
Prejean, Kelli, COLA
Seymour, Celene*, University Libraries
Shao, Lawrence, COB
Skoretz, Yvonne*, GSEPD
Smith, Carol*, GSEPD
Smith, Feon, GSEPD
Stapleton, Laura. COS
Thomas, Sabrina*, University Libraries
Wubie, Biznesh, GSEPD
*Denotes certified QM Peer Review status.
Interested in taking QM classes to apply the QM rubric or become a QM peer reviewer? Please contact Dr. Monica Brooks, Marshall’s QM Institutional Representative, at monica.brooks@marshall.edu or (304) 696-6474.