Start Here Module for MUOnline (version 8.0.1)

Start Here Module for MUOnline (version 8.0.1)

To import the Start Here module into your MUOnline Course

  1. Log into your desired section
  2. Click on the Build tab
  3. Under Designer Tools, click Manage Course
  4. Click Import
  5. Next window, click on Repository
  6. Click Marshall University
  7. Select Start file by clicking the radio button to the left of the file name
  8. Click OK

You will get a message “Content Import in Progress”

Click on Return button

You will be back in the Build section for your course

To add the MUOnline Start Here icon

  1. Click Add Content Link, scroll to and click Learning Module
  2. Click Start Here
  3. Click Add Selected

The Start Here module is now installed in your course section.

To add the MUOnline Start Here icon

  1. On the Course Content, Home Page, click the down arrow beside the Start Here module scroll to and click Customize Link
  2. Under Custom Icon for this Link click the Replace Icon button
  3. In the new window, click Repository, Marshall University, Course Icons ( the window will take a minute to load the available files)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the radio beside starthereicon.jpg
  5. Click OK (if you are asked to Subscribe, click Subscribe)
  6. This will take you back to your Link Settings page, click Save

This module includes activities in the following tools:
Assignment *see note below*

If you do not plan to use one of these tools, remove that activity from the Orientation page (page 1 in the Table of Contents). If you need assistance with this, contact the Center for Instructional Technology at

  • 304-696-3235
  • 304-696-3237
  • 304-696-3260
  • 304-696-3272

*For the Assignment tool, you will need to go to the Start Here Assignment, click the down arrow, scroll to and click Edit Properities, and set the Due Date and Cutoff Date.

updated 11/17/08 KJS