Leadership Specialist area in the Master of Arts in Leadership Studies

General Description

This Master of Arts degree program is designed for persons working in non-profit and government agencies. The coursework covers a range of leadership topics and has elective opportunities for students to tailor the program to more specifically meet their career needs. Many members of our military services are enrolled in this program.


Course Information

Component Courses

Human Relations- 3 hrs Human Resources Management -3 hrs
Community Relations -3 hrs
Leadership -3 hrs
Grant Writing- 3 hrs
Externship -3 hrs
Problem Report -3 hrs
Electives*- 9 hrs
TOTAL 30 Hours
*Electives will be selected by the student in cooperation with his/her advisor to enhance career-specific skills.


Admission Requirements

A student who desires admission to the online M.A. program in Leadership Studies must have an undergraduate degree with a Grade Point Average (UGPA) of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale from a regionally accredited institution. Transcripts from the student’s undergraduate institution(s) must be provided at the time of application. Students who do not meet the UGPA requirement may be admitted provisionally, with limited course enrollment, subject to the departmental procedure for such admissions.

More information is available at: admission information.
The application is available at: application for admission.



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Additional Resources

Contact Information

Tammy Jones
Marshall University South Charleston Campus
100 Angus E. Peyton Drive
So. Charleston, WV 25303
304 746-2514 or 800 642-9842 X 62514


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become a Marshall student?
A. You must first be admitted to the University. You may apply online at application for admission

Q. Does this degree lead to school licensure?
A. No. This degree program is designed for persons that are working in, or seeking, management positions in non-profit or government agencies.

Q. How long does it take to complete the program?
A. How long it takes depends on how many courses you want to take per term. Most of our students are employed full time and choose to complete two courses per semester, Fall, Spring, & Summer. The full program is 30 hours, 10 courses. Courses are offered on a rotating schedule so every course may not be available in every term.

Q. How long does a course last and when do classes begin and end each semester?
A. The duration for a course varies slightly by semester. Fall and Spring terms are 15 weeks and the Summer Term I lasts 12 weeks. The academic calendar can be found at http://www.marshall.edu/calendar/academic/.

Q. How much is out- of-state tuition?
A. Tuition for online courses is the same for in-state and out-of-state students. Select the link for online courses on the Bursar’s Office Tuition and Fees page for details.

Q. Do I need special hardware/software to participate in the online program?
A. Review the Computer Requirements for hardware/software requirements.

Q. Are exams required for admission?
A. Only if the student’s undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) is less than 2.75.


Experience Makes the Difference

Marshall’s Leadership Studies faculties have more than twelve years of experience in teaching Internet-based courses for adults and working professionals. Through this experience, the faculty has developed unmatched expertise in designing and teaching online courses. Leadership Studies online courses are not taught using a “read-quiz-move on” method, but in an interactive fashion with the learner as the focus. The application of knowledge in real-world settings is the objective of every course.