Middle Childhood Education Internet-Based Graduate Program

General Description The Graduate School of Education and Professional Development offers five graduate courses leading to a Middle Childhood (MC) endorsement to a general education teaching certificate. This program has been approved by the WVDOE for preparation leading to the … Continued

Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

General Description: The Marshall University College of Health Professions offers an online BSN Program for registered nurses who have a diploma or associate degree in nursing and wish to earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing. RN to BSN Brochure   … Continued

University Policies

Academic Dishonesty Policy Information Technology: Acceptable Use Policy Mission Statement Plagiarism: definitions, policies, tips for avoiding it Student Handbook Tuition Refund Schedule

Tips for Success

Participate! Whether you are working alone or in a group, contribute your ideas, perspective, and comments on the subject you are studying, and read those of your classmates. Your instructor is not the only source of information in your courses–you … Continued


Marshall University’s policy on academic dishonesty/plagiarism can be found on the main University Policies site. Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism As writers and researchers, we can learn a number of lessons from definitions of plagiarism and Marshall’s policies regarding academic dishonesty–lessons … Continued

Minors in African & African American Studies

One Online Minor is Available in AAAS Students must complete at least 12 credit hours in courses from the AAAS list with a minimum GPA of 2.5. ENG 240: African American Literatures HST 312: African American History HST 360: Race … Continued

Minor in Geography

One Online Minor is Available in Geography Geography (12 hours) Online courses offered at least once per year include: GEO 100, GEO 101/GEO 101L, GEO 203, GEO 317 Get your Geography bachelor’s degree (BA) online! Contact: Dr. Josh Hagen Department … Continued

Minors in History

1.History (15 hours): Must select from two of the following general surveys: HST 101, 102, 103, 230, 231 Plus Nine additional credit hours from any three other History courses. 2. United States History (15 hours): Must take HST 230 and … Continued

Minor in Criminal Justice

One Online Minor is Available in Criminal Justice Criminal Justice (15 hours) Online courses are available every semester: CJ 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice CJ 211 Introduction to Law Enforcement CJ 221 Introduction to Criminal Courts CJ 231 Introduction to … Continued

Mathematics Through Algebra I

General Description: Mathematics through Algebra I may be completed as a stand-alone graduate certificate or as an area of emphasis within the Master of Arts in Elementary Education or Master of Arts in Secondary Education. Mathematics through Algebra I has … Continued

Mathematics Through Algebra I

General Description | Course Information | Admission Requirements | Cost | Additional Resources | Contact Information General Description: Mathematics through Algebra I may be completed as a stand-alone graduate certificate or as an area of emphasis within the Master of … Continued

Plug-In Check

You can test below if these commonly used plugins are installed on your computer, and if not, install them now for free. Test File Instructions Adobe Flash Please click on the Adobe Flash link to the left. If you could … Continued

Master of Arts in Education

This degree program is designed for certified teachers who are seeking an advanced degree in education. It does not lead to initial licensure as a teacher. This general education program offers the opportunity to explore a range of topics, such as curriculum, instruction, assessment, research, technology, special needs, and more. Application may be made in either elementary or secondary education.

MUOnLine Orientation

MUOnline is web-based program for offering via the Internet course materials files, communication, and activities. The information below will guide you to accessing your MUOnline courses and specific tools in each course. A computer and Internet access are required. For … Continued


Many individuals and companies use firewalls to help protect the security of their computer systems. These firewalls can restrict your ability to access your online course. If you are not able to access your online course, you may have a … Continued

Spyware and Adware

Spyware and Adware refers to programs that surreptitiously monitor your computer activity. These programs can record your keystrokes, prevent you from accessing websites, from downloading and installing programs, and generally can intrude on your online course experience. Screening programs can help … Continued

Antivirus Protection

Computer viruses can damage your computer and ruin your files. We strongly recommend that you install and run an antivirus program on your computer. New viruses emerge often so please keep your virus protection software current by installing upgrades as … Continued