Plug-In Check

You can test below if these commonly used plugins are installed on your computer, and if not, install them now for free. Test File Instructions Adobe Flash Please click on the Adobe Flash link to the left. If you could … Continued


Many individuals and companies use firewalls to help protect the security of their computer systems. These firewalls can restrict your ability to access your online course. If you are not able to access your online course, you may have a … Continued

Spyware and Adware

Spyware and Adware refers to programs that surreptitiously monitor your computer activity. These programs can record your keystrokes, prevent you from accessing websites, from downloading and installing programs, and generally can intrude on your online course experience. Screening programs can help … Continued

Antivirus Protection

Computer viruses can damage your computer and ruin your files. We strongly recommend that you install and run an antivirus program on your computer. New viruses emerge often so please keep your virus protection software current by installing upgrades as … Continued

Hardware/Software Check

We recommend computer access from home because it is the most convenient for online courses. On your home computer, you have the most control over your computer settings and the required hardware and software. However, other options for computer use … Continued

Computer Requirements

Each computer that you use to access your E-course must be have the correct settings in Internet Explorer and the necessary hardware/software. Next, to make sure that your computer/software is compatible with MUOnLine, please run the Hardware/Software Requirements check by clicking the link … Continued