Middle Childhood Education Internet-Based Graduate Program

General Description The Graduate School of Education and Professional Development offers five graduate courses leading to a Middle Childhood (MC) endorsement to a general education teaching certificate. This program has been approved by the WVDOE for preparation leading to the … Continued

For some reason the system won’t let me register?

If you are unable to register during your assigned registration window, that may mean that a hold has been placed on your record. Holds are placed for a number of reasons including academic deficiencies, student status, incomplete admissions documents, an … Continued

How much time will I spend on my course?

MUOnLine courses are equivalent to those taught on campus so you can expect to spend at least as much time as you would if you took the class in a traditional classroom setting. You can also expect to do a … Continued

How will I communicate with my instructor?

Communication methods vary from course to course, but most instructors use email or electronic bulletin boards as their primary methods. These are “tools” that are part of every online course.

How do I get my textbooks?

Textbooks are available at the Marshall University Bookstore located in the Memorial Student Center on the Marshall campus. You can order books online at the bookstore’s web site or via telephone: (304) 696-3622. For your convenience, the bookstore web site lists required … Continued

What times do MUOnLine classes meet?

If a MUOnLine course is listed in the course schedule as offering no live meetings, there will be no live class meeting times. When you login is up to you, but we advise that you keep in mind your course due … Continued

Will I have to take tests?

The requirements vary from course to course, but many courses do require exams. Some courses may require that you obtain a proctor for exams, but this will be fully explained to you by the course instructor.

When can I register for MUOnLine courses?

Online classes are offered Fall, Spring and Summer each school year. Please note that registration for an upcoming semester begins far in advance of that semester. Online classes generally fill up quickly, so it is best to be aware of when you can … Continued

How can I withdraw from an MUOnLine course if I need to?

Dropping an Online Course: Students can drop an online course by mailing a request to drop to the Registrar. The postmark on the request will be the official date of withdrawal. The instructor’s signature is not required. If a student … Continued

Do Marshall University Online courses follow a particular format?

Yes. At Marshall University, online courses are offered through the online learning management system Blackboard Learn 9, which we refer to as MUOnLine. MUOnLine tools within Blackboard include course email, chat, online discussions, grading, assignment submission, and assessments–and more!

How long do I have to take a MUOnLine course?

Most Marshall University Online courses parallel the semester schedule for traditional courses. Some courses may differ from traditional semester courses in the start and end dates. The course syllabus for each individual class and the Marshall University Official Schedule of Courses will indicate the … Continued

Is academic advising available to me?

Yes. Students taking courses online will receive academic advising services upon request. Academic advising may be provided by telephone, email, postings to the Web, and through printed materials. For more information on advising and phone numbers of persons to contact, … Continued

What do I need to know about prerequisites for classes?

Course prerequisites will be stated in the course syllabus and in the university catalog. All students (transient students excepted), must meet all course prerequisites before they can register for a MUOnLine course.