Your browser closes unexpectedly.

You may be encountering a security settings issue. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet options and choose the Privacy tab. Move the settings slider to Medium security or lower. If you prefer a higher level, then you should add the … Continued

You get sent to some other web site when you log in to MUOnLine.

If, when you log in to MUOnLine, you are being automatically redirected to another web site, then your browser is being “hijacked” by spyware. Please check our Spyware & Adware section for suggestions on detecting and removing this type of software.

MUOnLine works on one computer but not another.

If you can log in to MUOnLine successfully from one computer but not another, then the problem is likely a browser or Java compatibility issue. If you are able to make changes on the other computer that is not working correctly, … Continued