Privacy Issues

Your grades, whether they are recorded for assignments, quizzes, graded discussions, etc. are only visible to the course instructor, teaching assistant (if applicable), and technical support staff. They are not visible to other students. Our support staff respect your privacy. … Continued

You have a problem with access codes

Sometimes after you login you are prompted for an Access/Confirmation Code. This means that your instructor purchased an E-Pack, which is a supplemental teaching pack for your MUOnLine course that is provided by the publisher of your textbook. The code … Continued

Session timed out

The idle session time limit in MUOnLine is set to 75 minutes. If you are logged in to your MUOnLine course and do not perform any actions in the course (click links, access tools, click send, save, etc.) for 75 … Continued

You can’t see My Grades.

Your My Grades icon should appear on your course toolbar, if it has been enabled by your instructor. If you do not have a My Grades icon, please contact your instructor to request that it be added to the toolbar. Also, note that specific … Continued

Links don’t work or course pages don’t load.

If you get a “Page not Found” message, first try refreshing or clicking once on the link to load the page again. Note that pages with large graphics or other media may take longer to load, especially when accessing over … Continued

You can’t start your quiz.

First, make sure that you have disabled any pop-up blockers for your browser, including those included in the popular search toolbars such as Google. Second, quizzes are typically set up with specific date and time parameters by your instructor. If you … Continued

You can’t attach a file to your assignment.

The process to attach a file from your computer to an assignment requires that a current version of Sun Java (a free program), be installed on your computer. A Java applet runs when you click the My Computer icon in the Choose Files window … Continued

You can’t open a Chat session.

Chat or Whiteboard require that a specific version of Sun Java (a free program), be installed on your computer. Please review the Computer Requirements section for details.

Your course isn’t listed on your My MUOnLine page.

Courses won’t be listed until a day or two before the first day of the semester. Late registrations can delay access to your course after registration, during which time you would not see that course listed on your My MUOnLine … Continued