Faculty: Online Course Development Process and Deadlines

Get Connected!

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace.

To access your online courses at Marshall University, you are going to need a computer with access to the Internet. Many students work on their courses at home, from the workplace, from public libraries…wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them.

Hardware and Software Configurations

Make sure that the computer you will use to access your online course meets the minimum hardware requirements provided in the Computer Requirements section of Marshall University Online.

Internet Browser

Check your Internet browser, settings, and plug-ins!

Internet Explorer is the supported web browser for Marshall University Online courses. Please make sure you have the correct version and settings of Internet Explorer installed on your computer, as well as the basic plug-ins (free software) which may be required in your course syllabus. You can find everything you need to get your computer ready in the Computer Requirements section of MUOnline.

Note for AOL users: you can use AOL as your Internet Service Provider (connection to the Internet), but you should not use the AOL browser to access your online course. For instructions on how to access your course using AOL, see the Computer Requirements section of MUOnLine.

Quickstart E-Course Login

Log Into MUOnLine

  1. Go to the login page at: http://www.marshall.edu/muonline/ or to the sidebar on the left.
  2. Enter your MU ID and PIN and click the login button. 

Your MU ID number is the 9 digit number (901XXXXXX) that the university uses to identify you. Do not put dashes between numbers.

Your PIN (personal identification number) is a six (6) digit number that is assigned to you (originally set at date of birth in six-digit format MMDDYY).
Example: July 4, 1975 is 070475.

Need help with your MU ID and PIN?
If you need help with your MU ID click here. If you need help with your PIN click here.

Log out of your E-course

Don’t Forget!

To properly end your class session, you must log out after you are finished working in your course.

To completely log out of your course, click the Log Out link in the upper right corner or quit your browser.

Privacy Issues

Your grades, whether they are recorded for assignments, quizzes, graded discussions, etc. are only visible to the course instructor, teaching assistant (if applicable), and technical support staff. They are not visible to other students. Our support staff respects your privacy.

While online courses are secure in that only those enrolled or associated with the course are given access, we recommend that you exercise good judgment when posting or emailing confidential information, just as you would if sharing confidential information in a face-to-face classroom setting or via a personal email account.

Course Materials:


Textbooks are available at the Marshall University Bookstore located in the Memorial Student Center on the Marshall campus. You can order books online at the bookstore’s website or via telephone: (304) 696-3622.

For your convenience, the bookstore website lists required textbooks by semester and course. You will be prompted to select the appropriate course number and section number to view the list of required textbooks for your course.

Please Note:
Textbooks are available far in advance of the course start date. Check the bookstore links for textbook availability.

Contact the Marshall University Bookstore (Huntington campus) by phone at (304)696-3622 or (800)547-1262 or via email.

Contact the Marshall University Graduate College Bookstore (South Charleston campus) by phone at (800) 642-9842 ext. 2501.

Course Syllabi

Syllabi are available for many online courses far in advance of the course start date. To see if your course syllabi are available, search for your course in the MUOnLine course catalog, available on the MUOnLine homepage.